Galactic Laser Battle


When you walk through the bigger than life robot entrance, you realize you are stepping into another world!  Galactic Laser Battle is a world full of black lights, Gen7 Lasers, 2-Story Spaceships, and a Home Base to refuel.  

In the briefing room, your team develops a solid plan to bring home the victory.  You walk up the ramp and all of a sudden a few flashes of a laser go by and a smile spreads across your face.  Your enemy has revealed themselves.  Without another word, you jump up out of hiding and take down two enemies!

They look confused and realize they were set up for a trap.  You are the Champion of Galactic Laser Battle!

Indoor Laser Tag

Price Per Battle

You must be a minimum of 40 inches tall and 5 years old.


Our staff clean the facility daily, and we bring in a professional cleaning service with guaranteed results called Jan-Pro. They come in weekly to clean, sanitize, and use an enviro-shield disinfectant in the entire facility, on all the equipment. Click their logo to learn more about them.