Galaxy Track Out Camps

Come have a blast year round at our activity based camp!

"It's Out of this World"

Galaxy Fun Park Track Out Camp is a week long camp for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade. It focuses on helping kids stay active while having a blast on adventurous attractions like ropes courses and trampolines in a non-competitive environment organized by our professional staff.

These are the principles we encourage at Galaxy Fun Park Track Out Camp:

  • Positivity- Our Camp Counselors are going to be "encouraging" not "discouraging."
  • Team Building - We want all campers to be team players when it comes to group activities.
  • Engagement - Who doesn't want to have fun all day? We will encourage everyone to participate in all activities.
  • Smiles - Our #1 goal is for your kids to have a great time in a safe environment!

Ages: Kindergarten-6th grade

Time: 7:30am-5:30pm

Late Pick-Up: $25 per week (5:30 to 6:00 PM Pick Up)

Standard Rates:

  • Weekly Price: $265 per week (Standard Rate)
  • Daily Rate: $65 Per Day (Standard Rate)
  • Half-Day Rate: Not available

**NO REFUNDS will be issued once payment is processed**

Daily Snack Times: There are 2 snack times each day for the campers. Each child must bring their own snacks or they may purchase snacks from the cosmic cafe using cash or a galaxy fun card.

Daily Lunch Options: $6 per day or $25 per week

  • - Monday: Corn Dog Nuggets, side, fountain drink
  • - Tuesday: Cheeseburger, side, fountain drink
  • - Wednesday: Hot Dog, side, fountain drink
  • - Thursday: Chicken Fingers, side, fountain drink
  • - Friday: 2 Slices of Pizza, side, fountain drink

Certification: All Camp Counselors have been background checked and are CPR Certified

Daily Activities Include: Jumping on Trampolines, Climbing Ropes Course, Playing Laser Tag, Riding Spin Zone, watching age appropriate movies, and playing games.

All attraction height and age requirements apply during track out hours. Counselors are NOT ALLOWED to participate with or drive campers on any attraction. 

Registration Requirements


Due to a restructure of our system, Galaxy Track Out Camp is streamlining our registration process and converting ALL REGISTRATIONS ONLINE! It is MANDATORY that ALL PARENTS must register campers online for camp prior to arrival. Accessibility for same day or weekly camps are available. This new system will work cooperatively with Dependent Care Reimbursement Requirements and will provide access to camper’s entire History and Tax information on an Annual basis. This policy is strictly enforced and there are no exceptions moving forward!


We are no longer accepting payment at the park due to our new system and streamlining our registration process. If you do not register your child first, your child may be turned away from our program.


Please note that you are responsible for any online registrations that you submit. This includes inaccurate information! If you sign up for a wrong day or week and show up another time, we will NOT be able to accommodate your child because of maximum capacity limitations.

If you don’t show up at all, or fail to come, you will still be charged for that day or week.


Track Out Video Arcade FAQ

Parents/Guardians,   Good news, we have finished our arcade! Some of the frequently asked questions we have been receiving as far as the arcade and track out go are listed below. We will observe how the system below works and make changes where we feel are appropriate. Any feedback from you or your camper would be great! Feel free to contact me by email at with that feedback or if you have any questions.  

When will track out be able to use the arcade? Campers will be able to use the arcade Monday - Friday morning from 9:30AM – 10AM every day. We will be splitting the group during trampoline time. If campers would like to stay at Jump Zone, they will still be able to.  

Will my camper be able to visit the redemption station every day? Our redemption center will also be open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Remember, the more your camper saves, the bigger the prize they can get!  

Will my camper be supervised in the arcade? Yes! We will have a counselor stationed to float around the arcade and ensure that your camper is still supervised.  

How will my camper be able to play the arcade games? Credits can be added to your campers Galaxy Fun Card when you drop them off or pick them up. You will also be able to add credits at the kiosks located in the arcade. The card will still work at the café.  

Does my child have to participate in the arcade? No. This is why the decision to split times with trampolines was made. If you only want for your camper to be able to play in the arcade a couple days a week, you have that option.  

Is 9:30AM-10AM Monday - Friday the only time my camper can use the arcade? At this time, yes. We will continue to monitor the day and may look at adding more time in the future.